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  • anniversary: a poem

    anniversary: a poem

    -anniversary- it’s not easy to dream,on a pillow drenched,by the storm inside of me,as scenes and memories,form a supercut, like the racing of pain,back through my veins,as i do the most difficult task,one year after trauma,i remember. droplets of galaxy,fall from the ceiling,into my dry eyes,i see from above,the view of the sky,i remember how […]

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  • “six months”- a poem

    “six months”- a poem

    The day i sent these five books in,Five years of pain,Suddenly ceased.I was in a bubble,An air pocket,At the bottom of the ocean,Creating my own space,Demanding that the depths of my existence,Let me breathe,And so I did,Breathe.There i was,A sliver of silver, wiped clean of its tarnish,Still scratched,But exposed, in a new way.In these six […]

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  • Mental Health is a Continuum

    Mental Health is a Continuum

    I have an approach to mental health that has helped me process both triumph and failure. It helps me move through rough patches on my journey and recurrences in symptoms I thought I had under control. It’s difficult for me to speak on disorders other than depression and generalized anxiety disorder, as I have not […]

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  • Self-Minimization Is Common But Unhealthy

    Self-Minimization Is Common But Unhealthy

    Even after the release of my poetry book, I still find difficulty in balancing my confidence, especially during the time of college applications. Rather than state my accomplishments, accept compliments, and then repeat for those around me, I pull the rug out from under my excitement. Applying for college really scrutinizes the fear I have […]

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  • The Power of A Story

    The Power of A Story

    Writing was incoherent sentences yelling at the back of my mind right as I sat down to go to bed, or during a class. It was inconvenient, but I took the time to pause and transcribe.

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